To develop the circuit board represented to the ADCS subsystem in the cube satellite

scope of view


ADCS Subsystem is the subsystem which related to maintain the Satellite in the right position specially at downloading and imaging through controlling means of reaction wheels and magnetic fields This project builds Board contains electronic and electromagnetic components which accomplish this task. As the main objective of the project is to design, develop and test the attitude determination (ADCS) hardware (HW) required for CubeSat. Our system shall include the following modules:

  1. ADCS OBC that hosts the ADCS algorithms
  2. ADCS Sensors (Magnetometer and Gyro)
  3. Magnetorquer Driving Circuit
  4. Coarse Sun Sensor Processing Circuit
  5. RS-422 Interface Circuit
  6. Power and switching Circuit
  7. Temperature Sensor (Telemetry Data)
  • Main Tasks
  1. System Design
  2. Building schematic and footprint library
  3. Schematic design of the Board
  4. Layout design of the Board
  5. Manufacturing & Assembly & Testing of the Board
  6. Developing SW devices drivers
  7. Developing Data Handling SW
  8. Porting RTOS
  9. Developing Check Test Equipment

Number of Project members

 up to 8 students


 ADCS Board (simulation; circuit design) 

Work Type

 HW Work