To develop software package that calculate the required orbit data used by FCC subsystems; the ground station radio visibility zones, satellite ground tracks and designation for ground station antenna

scope of view


FCC is a part of ground segment that responsible for Control and monitoring mission plans and monitoring satellite subsystem status.

FCC Main Functions:

  1. Schedule satellite operations, payload tasks and ground data reception station;
  2. Transmit commands to control the satellite subsystems and monitoring transmission of these commands
  3. Determination of satellite orbit parameters
  4. Calculate trajectory (navigational) data and data for pointing Data Reception and Transmission Facilities (DRTF)antenna;
  5. Monitoring of operation of the satellite subsystem through processing of telemetry data received from the satellite;
  6. Analysis statues of satellite subsystem (real time) in off-nominal situations.
  7. synchronize onboard time and ground time;
  8. Perform data exchange between the FCC subsystems and DRTF.
  9. Archive and manage the data received or generated by FCC;

The FCC main subsystems:

  1. FCC server.
  2. Telemetry subsystem.
  3. Payload planning subsystem
  4. Orbit determination and propagation subsystem
  5. Satellite control subsystem

Orbit determination and propagation main functions:

  1. Preparing input data (two line element File).
  2. Forecasting of satellite movement parameters
  3. Calculating of the satellite ground tracks.
  4. Build simple Propagator for satellite Position.
  5. Calculate the ground station radio visibility zone (Time of Communication sessions).
  6. Calculate the target designation for ground station antenna (where the antenna will aiming).
  7. Store the results in local and shared database.

Number of Project members

 up to 8 students


 SW Package 

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 SW Programing