To develop the SW package that performs the basic tasks of a typical cube satellite ground control station

scope of view

 Portable Ground control station software support the following types of data link protocols like CCSDS frame format and, AX.25 frame format. Also support the following types of packet formats CCSDS packet, and SSP packet. CSP satellite routing protocol also should be supported.
KISS protocol will be supported in order to connect to modem or TNC (Terminal Node Controller) using serial RS-232.
Portable Ground control station software support up to 115200 bit/sec.
Preconfigured file allows GCS to work with a specific packet and frame format.
Received data from satellite will be unicast, multicast, or broadcast over UDP/IP, or TCP/IP socket connection.  
Portable Ground control station software executes prepared plan saves in shared DB.
In order to close the loop between satellite and ground station received data analyzed to ensure that commands were sent from ground station received correctly by the satellite
Portable Ground control station allow Operator to send commands manually 
Portable Ground control station calculate the time difference between ground station and satellite on-board time.
Portable Ground control station Saves received data to DB server.
Portable Ground control station log session data, and calculate frequency shift due to Doppler Effect to correct center frequency value

Number of Project members

 up to 8 students


 SW package           

Work Type

 SW Programing