To develop the sw package that performs the all communication tasks that performed by the communication subsystem in the cube satellite

scope of view


The communication subsystem of Satellites has to send various information and data down to the ground station and receive commands from the Ground Station (GS). CS is responsible for frequency down-conversion and demodulation of received uplink signal from ground control station and modulation & frequency up-conversion of downlink transmitted signal to GCS. The interface between the communication subsystem and the other subsystem is through the On-Board Computer.

The Communication system software should mainly achieve specific functions as follows:


  1. Control and adjust the Communication System modes of operation according to the communication system scenario and the commands from the ground station or the OBC.
  2. Gathering the telemetry of the Communication System and handle it according to the system engineering requirements.
  3. Control the interfaces between the communication system and the other satellite systems according to the hardware and software requirements.
  4. Communicating with the ground control station through specific software protocol and scenario of communication.


The communication system

 software project should be developed and tested using hardware kits and software tools

Number of Project members

 up to 8 students


 Comm SW Package 

Work Type

 SW Programing