To develop the circuit board represented to the Onboard subsystem in the cube satellite

scope of view


      The Onboard Computer Subsystem Required two parts which are depending on each other

  1. Hardware Design is the discrete component design to obtain the mission of the Subsystem.
  2. Checkout and Test Equipment (CTE) this part is dedicated to verify and validate the work in the previous parts, each hardware part chosen in the design passed a testing process, also software went into some test process before being applied, after that previous process which called unit testing another process started which is integration testing in which the compatibility between designed hardware and written software is being tested, the final process is functionality testing where the overall system is running and test cases being applied on it to make sure it’s working as designed and verifying all the required design specifications.  

The expected output is hardware design and driver for the board. Moreover, testing program LabVIEW testing program The minimum knowledge required is Altium design for PCB design, C language finally LabVIEW

Number of Project members

 up to 8 students


 OBC Board (simulation; circuit design) 

Work Type

 HW Work