To develop the circuit board represented to the Electrical Power subsystem EPS in the cube satellite

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Electrical power subsystem is one of the main subsystems in a satellite. Its main function is to distribute uninterrupted power to all other subsystems. Other functions include power generation, power storage and to also detect any fault in the system.

A satellite Electrical Power Subsystem (EPS) provides the required electrical power for other subsystems to perform their tasks. This subsystem includes the energy generation distribution modules. The top-level typical functions of EPS can be summarized as in:

  1. Supply continuous power to the loads during the mission lifetime.
  2. Control and distribute electrical power to the satellite.
  3. Fulfill the loads average and peak power requirements.
  4. Control the process of charging/discharging of battery
  5. Provide regulated voltage bus to the loads.
  6. Provide command control capability and telemetry of the subsystem‘s health.
  7. Maximum Peak power tracking to keep solar cells close to their most efficient operating point.

Number of Project members

 up to 8 students


 EPS Board (simulation; circuit design) 

Work Type

 HW Work