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Welcome To Educational Satellite Program

Egyptian Space Agency (EgSA) invites interested participants from all the Egyptian universities and high institutes to participate in the Egyptian Universities Training Satellite (EUTS) Project

The EUTS is an educational program ambition to Egyptian universities students that has started in 2016. And it is still going on under the umbrella of the EgSA.

The program is a capacity building in space science and technology. Its objective is to graduate a new generation of Egyptian engineers that have both theoretical and practical experiences in space science and technology.

In the last five years, we had a great impact on more than 3780 undergraduate students from more than 30 Egyptian universities through 16 sessions of summer training, 5 winter workshops and about 40 space-day events across Egypt which resulted in about 70 successful developed CubeSat hardware and software modules as graduation projects. So, we are pleased to announce the Sixth cycle of Educational Satellite CubeSat Project. This project aims to develop a full space system ( a bench Cube Satellite and Ground segment ) This satellite and its ground control station will be locally developed by Egyptian universities students guided by Egyptian space experts of EgSA.

Targeted Groups
Undergraduate students from faculties of Engineering (communication, electronics, power, software engineering, control, aerospace, mechanical and mechatronics departments), and from faculties of Science (departments related to space and its physics), and teaching assistances from both faculties of engineering and faculties science can register to the ESP to join either Summer training 2020 or Participating in the Egyptian Universities Satellite (EUS) Project (2020-2021).

Summer Training

Undergraduate Universities students can acquire the opportunity to submit the Summer training organized by EgSA The objectives of the summer training Is to provide a good background about space technologies and satellite systems. And to be familiar with Space terminologies and SW packages used in the field of space; satellite and ground stations sector.

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Egyptian Universities Training Satellite (EUTS) Project

Valid candidates who pass the Summer tanning can acquire the opportunity to join the project of Egyptian Universities Training Satellite The objective of ETUS is to emphasize By Supporting the Final yeas Universities Students

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Graduation Projects Offered Through the EUTS Project

Final Year Students groups can perform their graduation projects through the EUTS project which are supported technically and financial By EgSA More than 15 graduation project are offered By EUTS to cover the essential research points needed to design and build a Cube Satellite and its ground station either SW or HW

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Why Educational Satellites Program?

Several labs

We provide the latest advanced laboratories that help to meet all requirements.

Expert supervisores

You can get answers to all questions about the assigned project through experts in the field of manufacturing space technology.

Free Components

We provides hardware requirement and professional technical support..

Graduation Projects Offered Through the EUS Project

You can participate with us through the available Graduation Projects !




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Upcoming Events

registration closing

  • July 13, 2021 |
  • EgSA

registration will closing on 13-7-2021

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Summer Training 2021

  • 1/8/2021 – 30/9/2021 |
  • Cairo

Egyptian Space Agency Educational Satellite Program Summer Training 2021.

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